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KOSGEB Unit, Fair, Organization and Foundation Officer
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Our Chamber has been included in the accredited rooms by registering that it has 5 star service since 2012. The processes required by the accreditation process are carried out in the room.

Personnel Staff

Name-surname Title Telephone E-Mail
Güldane ERKOL Accreditation officer 6145225-117


  • To provide all the services determined by the legislation in an efficient and efficient manner,
  • Producing Projects to Create Value Added in All Sectors,
  • Achieving World Standards in Each Area as an Accredited Room,
  • To make other works written in the Establishment Law No. 5174 Completely, Timely, In Accordance with the Purpose and Requests, Adhering to the Principles of Neutrality and Reliability,
  • Being Supportive and Contributing to the Social and Cultural Life of the Region of İskenderun, Educational, Abroad, Humanitarian and Sustainable Change. To meet the common needs of its members, to facilitate professional activities, to provide professional development


Becoming a Leading and Leading Chamber in Turkey by promoting innovations and developments with quality approaches that increase the global competitiveness of its members by increasing their economic power, bringing permanent and radical methods to commercial and industrial areas, bringing them to a contemporary and original structure.


  • Transparency,
  • Innovation,
  • Reliability,
  • Honesty,
  • Leadership,
  • Work ethic,
  • Member Focus,
  • Quality,
  • Power unity,
  • Solidarity


Our duties that we are obliged to fulfill the law numbered 5174; Fast, accurate and effective manner, to protect and increase the member satisfaction arising from the quality of service we provide,

As the organization that directs the regional economy; Increasing the prosperity of the Iskenderun Region, working on every platform for the continuous development and consciousness of economic, commercial, industrial and cultural area, taking the leading role as the voice of the business community and the society,

All of our employees; To participate in activities, management and processes, to provide continuous development, training and motivation;

To improve our quality policies continuously and to provide better service by making continuous improvements.

Committed to guarantee the quality management system to keep the satisfaction of our members at the highest level.