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Our chamber is in the domestic trading unit; Regulation of capacity reports, Regulation of expertise reports, Investigation of fair value determinations and making correspondences, Work machine registration procedures and correspondence, Domestic goods and Turkish property certificate, Regulation of manufacturing sufficiency certificate, Registration of insurance companies to Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchange System, And correspondence, preparation of room registration sign for our newly registered members of the Chamber, arrangement of tender status document, arrangement of English registry and organizing document of activity.


Name – Surname Title Telephone E-Mail
Feride SARAÇ İnternal Trade Officer 6145225-116


There are Business Machines departments in our Chamber. In this department, registration and processing of business machines are carried out.

Work Machine Application Request

TOBB IBAN numbers for Capacity Reports

TR100006400000142010785529 Business Bank Akay Branch
TR350004600153888000069072 Branches of Akbank Ministries
TR020001000760059943505032 Ziraat Bank Akay Branch
TR210001500158007293586413 Vakıflar Bankası Merkez branch
TR140001200131100016000038 Halbank Çukurambar Commercial Branch Office