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Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry officially established on 20.04.1920 has been serving tradesmen, merchants and industrialists of our city since 1800’s years. The purpose of our company; To meet the common needs of its members, to facilitate their professional activities and to ensure their development in accordance with the general interests of the profession. Our chamber is a professional organization with a legal personality in the form of a public institution established to do written work in the law no. 5174

Our chamber supports the tradesmen, industrialists and entrepreneurs in our region with the trainings, seminars, conferences and panellas, in accordance with the purpose of the establishment and the fairs that they have participated with, and increases the commercial potentials.

The Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was founded in order to shape the commercial structure of İskenderun and our region more contributing to the economy of the country, to carry out the commercial activities of the enterprises under the proper conditions and to solve the problems they encounter, is among the leading professional organizations of the region today.

Our Chamber has been changed to ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System since 2012 and this system is actively used. Our Chamber; It has got ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and Accreditation Certificate, and ISO 9001 Certificate was renewed as of 19.11.2016. Implementation of the Accreditation System in our Chamber; To increase the efficiency of our Chamber, to improve the room personel continuously, to increase the member satisfaction of our Chamber, to provide services according to the ISO 9001 quality standards and to make the functions in our Chamber more regular. By applying the system in our Chamber, the satisfaction ratings of the members of our Chamber are measured according to more rational standards and necessary improvements are made.

Iskenderun Technical University, which was established on 31.03.2015 with the support of our Chamber, is one of the important studies of the importance of our Chamber as the integration of university and business world and the sustainability of this cooperation in addition to the contributions made by our region.

The Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, known as the “Organization Directing the Regional Economy”, has realized and will continue to realize many economic and social investments in the city. The Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

1.Termination, production and sale of dried nuts,

2.Mandan, soil, mineral, asphalt production profession group,

3.Metal, chemical, plastics, foreign trade, electricity production, medical gas production profession group,

  1. Food, textile, ice manufacturing, bakery products manufacturing profession group,

5.Forest products, furniture production, printing and packaging production, precious metal and jewelry manufacturing profession group,

  1. Profession group of construction and lift maintenance repair,
  2. Wholesale of livestock, poultry, wholesale of aquatic products,
  3. Wholesale of good trade profession group,
  4. Retail trade of food, monopoly products profession group,

10.Shoes, leather, apparel trading profession group,

11.Furniture, durable consumer goods, furnishings, jewelery trading profession group,

  1. Sales group of automotive and auto spare parts,
  2. Construction materials, hardware trade profession group,

14.Energy, petroleum trade profession group,

15.Medical, computer, information and communication profession group,

  1. Restaurants, hotels, car rental business profession group,
  2. Transport, storage, shipbuilding, customs consultancy, travel agency profession group,
  3. The profession group of finance and insurance institutions,
  4. Buying and selling of real estates, architects, engineering activities, design activities profession group,
  5. Profession group of education, health, medicine, consultancy and service sector,
  6. Construction cooperatives occupational group,

There are 21 Occupation Groups based on the International NACE coding system which consists of groups. These occupational groups form the Chamber of Assembly with those whom they have chosen among their members. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of İskenderun shall approve and annotate the records of the registered signatories in the chambers of residence in the commercial and industrial activities of their members in the commercial and industrial activities, approval of fair prices, approval of the qualifications of commercial and industrial samples, capacity, expert and expert reports, , Commercial and commercial documents, commercial bail approvals, documentation of allocation and consumption, quality, competence and sample documents, documents of domestic products, approval of the application of registered members, records and registry records of chamber members and member identities, A. TR and EUR.1 roaming documents, Certificate of Origin and Form-A certificate, coercive reason documents, copies of Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, capacities And all kinds of documents and information and services of commercial and industrial nature and all other kinds of documents and information of real and legal persons, real and legal persons, maximum price tariffs, partnership confirmation certificate, tender status document, fire and casualty and efficiency determination, Insurance agencies, minimum physical conditions audit report and all kinds of other commercial and industrial documents and information and services.

The relevant article of the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 belongs to real persons and legal entities such as newly established real persons and legal entities by means of the Trade Registry Office in accordance with the provision of “A Trade Registry Office shall be established in places where the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the Chamber of Commerce is established” Records are made. In addition, in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code and the Trade Registry Regulation, the Trade Registry Office is responsible for legal proceedings, general meeting registration, registration of board decisions, share transfers, capital increases, amendments to the articles of association, are registered. In addition to arranging the documents, information, expertise and capacity reports required by the registered members for their jobs, to maintain professional ethics, to develop in accordance with trade and industry’s general interests, to identify commercial customs in the regions and to make customs and customs. Because of its location in the city it is in, it takes part in all sorts of social and cultural activities, and such activities have contributed materially and spiritually to the extent that the law numbered 5174 allows. İskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry is established among the leading professional organizations of the region today in order to make more contribution to the economy of İskenderun and the region’s economy and to carry out the professional activities of its members under suitable conditions and to solve the problems they encounter.