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Authorities and Responsibilities of the General Secretariat are stated in the Law 5174 on Chambers and Stock Exchange.

1 – The Secretary General is the discipline and registry authority of the room personnel.

  1. The Secretary-General shall organize the minutes of the meetings of the Assembly and the Board of Directors.

3 – Organizes and manages the writing work with the internal works of the Chamber.

4 – Gives the Chamber staff, the necessary orders and instructions and supervises their work.

5 – The Secretary General may transfer a part of the duties and authorities of the Executive Board including permission and expenditure authority to his / her assistants to be determined again at the beginning of each activity year.

6 – Performs other duties assigned by the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

7 – It prepares the agenda of the organ meetings, makes it possible to send the meeting invitations and the agenda to the members in a timely manner, organizes the minutes of these meetings, keeps the summary of the decisions, keeps the attendance schedule and attendance schedules related to the organ meetings and registers the decision books, stores.

8 – Participates in meetings of the Assembly and the Board of Directors, provided that no vote is exercised.

9 – Follows and concludes decisions taken by organs and ensures timely implementation of decisions.

10 – Recomend to the Board of Directors for recruitment, promotion, rewarding, punishment and termination of employment of chamber personnel.

11 – Resent’s expenses are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval and the Board of Directors is informed about weekly expenditures.

12 – Prepare monthly balance and transfer requests, make the preparation budget, income statement, final balance and final account and submit them to the Board of Directors.

13 – Provides the editing and calculation of the inventory and inventory records, and preserves the archival materials.

14 – Manage publishing jobs.

15 – Prepares the drafting of the room interior and presents it to the management board.

16 – The procedures for keeping, updating and deleting member records are carried out within the framework of the legislation and the relevant organ decisions.

17 – Performs duties to be given by the Assembly, the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the Board of Directors within the framework of legislation and other duties given by the Chamber Directive and other legislation.

18- In accordance with the number 5174 Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Association and the Law on Chambers and Stock Exchange, it executes the Chairman of the Procurement Commission and approves the decisions taken by the Commission.

19 – The Secretary General is authorized to sign matters concerning the execution of decisions taken by chamber bodies in correspondence with official authorities or natural or legal persons, who are not obliged to the Chamber.

20 – One of the assistants during the period when the general secretary is in charge or on leave, and one of the unit supervisors in the absence of the assistants acts as the general secretary with the approval of the chairman of the board of directors.

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Figen GÜL DÖNMEZ General Secretary 6145225 figenguldonmez@iskenderuntso.org.tr