Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry management, by organizing various training and courses within the institution, aims to increase the performances of the personnel. At the end of the education, Dr.Suat Yiğit in the training organized for the personel at İTSO, gave educations that “Peace with me, Peace with me and ‘Realised Myself’ 4 hours. Trainings are given by specialist teams in order to strengthen the relations among the staff of the İTSO staff members in order to work more effectively within the organization, to be motivated to work better, to exhibit high performance at work, and to have managerial staff. Trainings were very effective. Dr. Suat Yiğit explained the problems of the staff working at the workplace, the stresses they experienced in the business environment, and how the relations of the staff with the supervisors and friends in the institution should be. Yigit emphasized that the people who work with intense tempo from family life to business life are explained with examples and that the people are in peace with the place where they work and that the dialogue always with the institution supervisors in the working environment will increase the efficiency in that work place. Dr.Suat Yiğit, who expressed that such trainings affected positively the personnel and increased their performance. İTSO Secretary General Figen Gül DÖNMEZ and ITSO Staff participated to the seminar.