Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues its training to its staff intensively.

Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry manages various courses within its organization for its staff and also provides educational support to its staff. The personnel who work in İTSO continue to be trained by specialist teams in order to work more efficiently in the organization, to be better motivated for their work and to exhibit high performance at work.
In the training organized by İTSO, Human Resources Management, Corporate Development Employment and Vocational Trainer Özlem Yurdanur gave training on “Official Correspondence Rules and Institution Culture” to İTSO staff.
Advisor and trainer Özlem Yurdanur gave information about the dialogues of the citizens with the citizens during the trainings. Emphasizing that the favour and the smile are the positive factors in the service purchases of the staff and the members who come to the organization, Yurdanur also gave detailed information about the issues to be considered in the correspondences. In the trainings, it was expressed that Mission and Values, Institutional Assets, Power and Status, Institutional Experiences, Human Resources, Common Language subjects have played an active role in the corporate culture.