Accreditation system development visit to ITSO

Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry was visited Based on accreditation new scoring system on Monday, December 11, 2017.
The development visit to observe the process of the accreditation standard criteria has been carried out by Auditor Ali Topal from The Independent Auditor Institution Türk Loydu Uygunluk Değerleme Hizmetleri A.Ş. ITSO President Levent Yilmaz, İTSO Assembly President Servet Ugutmen, İTSO Accountant Member Necat Özkaya, İTSO General Secretary Figen Gül Dönmez and Quality Accreditation Officer Güldane Erkol attended the closing meetings held during the development visit and at the end of the day.

Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, chamber/ exchange system of accreditation within the scope examinations were performed. The examinations were as follows:
Financial Management, Human Resources And Management, Communication And Publications, Useage Of İnformation And Communication Technologies, Member Relations, Quality Management, Communication Network, Policy And Representation, Information Consulting And Support, Business Development And Training,

The preliminary preparations for the planned audit in 2018 in order to protect the status of the “Accredited Chamber” were reviewed and feedback was made on clear improvement issues.

Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Levent Yilmaz: “As İTSO, we give importance to accreditation studies in order to provide the best service to our members. We keep going our activities to improve and develope this process as well as giving all support for the accreditation process as executive management. Accreditation system across Turkey Chamber / Exchange to raise standards of performance and more effective services to members of the business world (such as business support) is a system developed to ensure delivery.”
Auditor Ali Topal stated that the system implemented by the Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry is very successful, that it is a good system that does not make preparations from the audit but that it is observed that continuous improvement is being made.