KOSGEB will support businesses ,which produce importee intermediate goods by local and national resources, up to 5 Million TL. Projects that will apply for the program will receive 100 per cent support, 70 per cent refundable to 5 million liras per business.          

With the support program, it is possible to localize and nationalize strategic products with high imports.

Investments contributing to the reduction of current account deficit will be supported. The products that will contribute to the reduction of the current deficit will be determined by the KOSGEB presidency and will be able to benefit from this support by businesses that can provide the production and commercialization of these products.

Supports to be provided will be in the form of machine-equipment, software expenditure, staffing, information transfer, test-analysis, calibration and reference sample support and service recruitment support.

Support rates will be 70% non-refundable and 30% refundable. it is important that the domestic production of the machinery equipment to be included in the scope of the support is important and if the machinery-equipment and software expenses to be taken for the investment are taken within the scope of the domestic property certificate, 15% will be added to the non-refundable. Businesses may take early payment up to 25% of the expected amount of support. Guarantee letter expenses required under the support will be supported by 100%.

Project applications will be taken periodically. The maximum duration of the project is 36 months, and the decision of the board can be given an additional period of up to 6 months. The total upper limit of the support to be given under the program is 5 Million TL.