Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), was given by authorized personnel for training in Ankara.

Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues its training programs for its personnel in order to provide better quality service to its members and to follow latest technological developments.

Participating in TOBB twin towers, Prof. Figen Gül Dönmez, General Secretary of İskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Özkan Yalçın, Accounting Manager, participated in training of member, accounting and budget modules within the scope of “Digital transformation project”. Participants in the two-day seminar were informed by the TOBB Accounting Directorate and the TOBB Software Directorate.

In the trainings “Internet and digital technologies have been the most important discovery of the 20th Century and have brought human life into the 21st Century. Digital technologies have became an integral part of daily life and business life very quickly with the developments experienced in recent years. It is no longer possible to stay away from digital technologies that develop at a dizzying pace and feel more and more impacted in every aspect of life. This has reshaped every aspect of life, and it is necessary for all actors in the fast economic growth race to take new steps in order to take a global step forward.” was said.

In e-commerce education, it is stated that “Today, e-commerce is increasing day by day, the global economic structure has made Kobilerin and enterprises, even the smallest businesses, to renew themselves. By adapting to technology and building digital capabilities together, companies that are going to increase their skills can become better positioned in the economic structure.”